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Our Services

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Visiting Home Care 

Ndima Healthcare provides personalized visiting and home care services tailored to individual needs. We offer flexible support and assistance for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Ideal for individuals capable of independent living but in need of occasional assistance, our services range from 1 hour per day to more, covering tasks like medication administration, daily activities, and companionship.


Live-in Care 

We offer personalized live-in care services, providing 24-hour support and assistance for individuals in the comfort of their own home. With dedicated caregivers living with the person in need of care, live-in care ensures seamless and continuous support, offering an alternative to residential care homes and allowing individuals to maintain their independence and daily routines. This service is particularly beneficial for those with long-term conditions or disabilities requiring ongoing support.


Agency Staffing

Ndima Healthcare is your trusted partner for skilled nurses, compassionate healthcare assistants, and dedicated social workers. We offer tailored staffing solutions, promptly and efficiently. With a focus on building lasting partnerships, our team is committed to understanding your organization's culture and specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration of our healthcare professionals into your team. 

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